Nucleic Acid Isolation FAQs:


  •  What types of sample can you do nucleic acid isolation?

A: We have extensive experience on formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples (blocks and/or slides), microbiota samples, microbial cultures, human/animal cells and tissues, plant tissues, environmental samples, as well as custom samples.

  •  What method do you use for nucleic acid extraction?

A: We use a variety of commercial kits or in-house protocols that have been developed for specific types of samples.

  •  Can you isolate microRNA?

A: Yes. We do high quality isolation of genomic DNA (gDNA), total RNA, mRNA, small non-coding RNA including microRNA (miRNA).

  •  How do you check the quality and quantitiy of nucleic acids extracted?

A: The quality and quantity of isolated DNA/RNA samples will be checked with either fluorometer or Bioanalyzer.